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Quirklogic Papyr 13.3 inch e-note

Quirklogic Papyr 13.3 inch e-note

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Papyr is a 13.3 digital writing device designed to easily capture, store, and manage your thoughts, ideas, notes, and critical information in one place and take it where you go. It is fully integrated into our powerful Inkworks by QuirkLogic Platform enabling real-time collaboration with a paper-like writing experience.

The Papyr is designed to have synergy with the Quilla, a $4,999 42 inch E INK whiteboard. If all of the devices are connected to the same WIFI network or share the same Cloud account, whatever is written on the whiteboard will automatically appear on the Papyr. You can write on the Papyr and have the content displayed on the Quilla. Additionally, if you have two Papyrs, one person can be writing on a PDF file and another person can view all  of the changes you are making on the document, live.

This is useful for schools who are doing distance learning, to provide more versatility and interactiveness and also for businesses. Quirklogic also has the Quilla Connect app for Android and iOS, so you can view all of the content on your smartphone or tablet, in real time.

  • Ultra-mobile, lightweight, familiar letter-size design
  • Secure content – content is automatically saved and stored to a cloud-based platform
  • Unlimited canvas
  • Automatically saves your work, and you can easily manage content from any location
  • Long-lasting battery (up to 3 weeks using a single charge), Wi-Fi connected
  • Real-time collaboration from any location
  • Familiar paper and pen writing experience
  • No glass, no reflection – even works in sunlight

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