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Onyx Boox

Onyx Boox Pro Pen 2 for Note 5 and Note Air 2

Onyx Boox Pro Pen 2 for Note 5 and Note Air 2

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Onyx Boox has a new premium magnetic stylus. Refined nib offers a paper-like writing experience. Built-in eraser helps you work more efficiently. The magnetic pen is compatible with the Max Lumi 2, but it does not magnetically attach itself to the side of the device, it only does this with the Note 5 and Note Air 2.

  • The magnetic stylus BOOX Pen2 Pro can pair with Note Air2, Max Lumi2, and Note5, and it can be attached to Note Air2 and Note5.
  • The built-in eraser touches like a real eraser, and it can clean strokes quickly.
  • It provides an excellent writing experience, helping you take notes effectively.
Pen Diameter: 9.6mm
Nib: elt, 1.6mm
Weight: 19g
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