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Onyx Boox

Onyx Boox Note Air 2

Onyx Boox Note Air 2

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Creative colors

Vibrant orange jumps into the Purrusian Blue to refresh the design of an E Ink device.


Built to last

A durable aluminum case packs the modules securely and gives you a solid hand feel.


Ergonomic design

One wider bezel makes you hold it effortlessly with one hand and balances the horizontal view.


Front lights in a slim body

The 5.8mm slim body gets eye-friendly front lights that can help you work in any light.


Get Closer to Paper

Paired with the new film and the new stylus with improved magnets, Note Air2 makes you feel more like writing on paper.

Paper-like New Writing Film

It increases the friction of writing on Note Air2 to make it a better digital notebook.

   The film is part of the screen and is non-removable.

Magnetic BOOX Pens

The magnetic BOOX Pen Plus and BOOX Pen2 Pro even offer a better handwriting feel.


Stronger Magnets

The improved magnets on the side of Note Air2 can better hold the magnetic pens.


Write and Draw More Flexibly

Write faster on OneNote/WPS/Evernote

Note Air2 is more compatible with third-party note-taking apps. So you can draw on OneNote, WPS, and Evernote without feeling much latency.


Customize fixed brushes

You can customize up to 5 brush styles and pin them on the top, and switching pens is all hustle, no hassle.


Export notes into vector PDFs

By exporting notes into vector PDFs, you won't lose a bit of pixel no matter how you zoom in on your work. Creation becomes more flexible on Note Air2.


More power tools for creativity

Besides the new features, Note Air2 offers more powerful tools to fuel your ideas: layers, canvas, templates and more. And they're all customizable.


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