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Hisense Touch Lite - HIFI E INK Music Player with Google Play

Hisense Touch Lite - HIFI E INK Music Player with Google Play

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The device measures in at just 8mm thick and weighs about 155 grams, with its body being built from a single metal piece molding process. HiSense TOUCH also supports 50W fast charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack as well. On the front, the device is equipped with a 5.84 inch E Ink display. This is a black and white display that works with the ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the color temperature of the display that supports up to 2048 levels of adjustment and 36 levels of color temperatures.

Notably, the music reader also supports a dynamic refresh rate mode as well. So when the user touches the display the clarity of the screen will decrease to output a higher refresh rate. The quality would be restored once the users’ finger leaves the screen. In other words, the device offers both quality and a smooth user experience as well to offer a better reading experience. Since it is a music reader, the company also launched the device with HiFi sound support.

The device offers HiFi quality through the ES9038 flagship decoder chip and the ES9603 independent amp chip, which supports up to 384kHz/32bit output. Furthermore, the brand has also equipped it with dual speakers that are optimized to ensure sound quality through its external speakers. The device runs on the Android 11 OS based Touch OS

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