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iReader 10.2-inch e-note with full English Support

iReader 10.2-inch e-note with full English Support

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The Smart4 e-note comes with a 10.3-inch E Ink display having 227 PPI resolution and 28 levels of warm and cold lights. This model has full English support.

Under the hood lies a 2.0 GHz dual-core MT8113T processor that is coupled to 1 GB of memory and 64 GB of onboard storage. The company is describing it as an intelligent listening, speaking, reading, and writing E Ink tablet device designed for millennial users who like to have more out of their devices. It supports multi-terminal synchronization of data and seamless connection of various scenes.

Writing with the bundled pen is super easy as it gives a feeling that is quite similar to what you have when writing on real paper. Plus, with more than 130 system templates to choose from, you will have plenty of ways to put that brilliant pen to some good use. Also, with support for pure English font, the e-note no doubt will have a worldwide appeal. Also, at 6.2 mm in thickness and 380 grams in weight, the Smart4 is among the thinnest and lightest e-notes out there.

The Reink rearrangement engine onboard also ensures an enhanced reading experience. With PDF books, you can zoom in and out, besides supporting features such as trimming, contrast, and page purification. Smart algorithms simulate 256 levels of gray for a more accurate depiction of text and images. The e-note also supports writing operations while reading. That is not all as all book documents support handwriting annotations as well. You have the option to switch between a ballpoint pen, pencil, and pen for the writing effect.

The Schedule management feature is worth mentioning given it provides a to-do list relevant to the day along with the books and notes for the day. Also, while still on notes, the Smart4 provides more than 30 note templates that allow for a truly realistic note-taking experience. There is also the Bookshelf that displays the book in a manner that allows for easy classification of the titles. You will also have a seamless reading and writing experience in either landscape or portrait mode with the display adjusting accordingly on its own. There also is going to be 11 bookmark styles to choose from.

Further adding to the user convenience is the Smart Assistant version 3.0 that the Smart4 e-note comes with. The company said this will let you perform various functions easily and with minimal human intervention. This apart, the latest iReader e-note supports real-time translation features as well. Also, with the integrated dual silicon microphone, you can record proceedings during meetings or a classroom lecture. You will also have the option to mark key points of the recordings for easy comprehension later on. Screen mirroring feature allows for real-time sharing of screens for enhanced workspace efficiency.

Among the other features the Smart4 e-note comes with include Bluetooth 5.0 and dual speakers. Power comes from a 4000 mAh battery which the company said will support 120 hours of reading time. A nice feature of the e-note is its support for instant proofreading of voice and manuscript.

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