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Xiaomi Mijia Temperature Humidity

Xiaomi Mijia Temperature Humidity

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Temperature and humidity are closely related to our health. Sudden changes may cause you to have dry mouth, colds, fever, allergies, and discomfort. Mijia thermometer and hygrometer can perceive changes in temperature and humidity for you.

The outer packaging of Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 is a continuation of the previous design style of Xiaomi products, with simple white packaging with Mijia logo and Xiaomi logo printed on the upper right corner, with product pictures printed on the front and product name: Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2 printed on the bottom. The back of the box is the basic parameters of the product. The temperature measurement range is 0 Deg.C - 60 Deg.C, and the humidity range is: 0%-99%RH.

Can be placed on desks, bedside tables, offices; can also be attached to the wall with the included stickers.

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