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MobiScribe Wave - Black & White

MobiScribe Wave - Black & White

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he new MobiScribe WAVE is a 7.8 inch e-ink Notebook it's waterproof and comes with internal speakers, Bluetooth capabilities, and even more, features when creating notes, such as custom notebook covers and layers! 

The new MobiScribe WAVE digital Notebook is the perfect companion for anyone who needs to take notes while on the go.


The MobiScribe WAVE is waterproof, so you can bring it to the pool or beach to take notes and listen to music. No more worries about spilling your drink on your tablet or losing your paper notebook during a swim.

Bluetooth & Speakers

The MobiScribe WAVE offers you greater versatility. Our newest e-ink tablet has integrated speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect keyboards or earbuds and listen to podcasts or audiobooks! 

New - Layers in Notes

The MobiScribe WAVE has enhanced functionality for note-taking. Now you can add layers to your notes. Layers allow you to easily keep track of your progress on every idea. Or use layers to add depth to your drawings.

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