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iReader Ocean 3 Turbo - Carta 1200 with English

iReader Ocean 3 Turbo - Carta 1200 with English

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The Ocean3 Turbo has a 7-inch E-ink Carta 1200 panel with 300 PPI resolution. The company said the front panel process has been upgraded to make the tempered glass cover thinner without compromising rigidity. This makes the display much more transparent and clear, ensuring a more satisfying reading experience.

In any case, the E Ink Carta 1200 E Ink panel offers a 20 percent improvement in response speed compared to the previous generation, smoother page-turning, and a 15 percent increase in contrast, making the e-book’s contrast closer to printed books. It supports Regal image refresh technology, significantly reducing the full-screen refresh rate.

In addition, Ocean3 Turbo features a 28-level DC dimmable reading light, supports a 256-level grayscale display effect, and comes with physical page-turning keys. The device itself is super thin, being just 4mm in thickness. Regarding configuration, the Ocean3 Turbo has a quad-core e-ink custom processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage space. There is an 1800mAh battery onboard, which is good enough to allow for reading endurance of 72 hours on a single charge.

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