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Sony WF-L900 Wireless Earphones, LinkBuds

Sony WF-L900 Wireless Earphones, LinkBuds

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Open listening style with no ears

Features a ring type driver unit with an open center of the vibration version.You can enjoy a realistic and online listening style with no feeling of pressure due to the earbuds.

Features a ring type driver unit with an open center of the diaphragm.Adopts a high compliance vibrating version with enhanced mobility, and a dedicated 0.5 inch (12 mm) ring type driver unit with a high magnetic neodymium magnet that plays clear mid and high sounds, this product achieves both natural sound capturing and music playback with good balance of sound quality.

Battery lasts 5.5 hours on the main unit alone, 17.5 hours in total with case charging.It also supports quick charging with 90 minutes of playback with a 10 minute charge.You can use it when you go out suddenly.

It can be used without problems even in rain or sweat, so you can use it during sports or when going out.


Sony's proprietary DSEE technology complements the treble range that is often lost by compressed sound sources in the headphone to equivalent CD sound quality.It plays sound sources compressed by streaming playback, MP3, Bluetooth transmission codec, and more with natural and wide sound.

Due to the structure that does not insert the earphones into the ear hole, there is no feeling of pressure like covering your ears, and the ear hole is not stuffy even after long periods of use.

The main body size has been reduced by 51% from the WF-1000XM4, and the case size is 26% smaller.It fits nicely in your ears, and is comfortable to carry around the case.


Ergonomic body design, the 5 types of fitting supports and the main body are firmly held in place to achieve high stability.

High precision voice pick up technology for advanced audio signal processing for high call quality.Over 500 million samples of AI mechanical learning and algorithms that isolate ambient noise and clear out your voice in noisy areas.

You can play and pause, skip songs and other songs by tapping the earphone itself or face around the ear twice or 3 times.Even though the main unit is small, it can be operated comfortably.






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