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Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 NW-ZX507 64 GB ZX Series High-Resolution 360 Reality Audio

Sony Walkman NW-ZX507 NW-ZX507 64 GB ZX Series High-Resolution 360 Reality Audio

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Supports high-resolution audio sources with approximately 6.5 times the amount of sound information on a CD (at 192 kHz/24 bit). You can experience the life of musical instruments and vocals, as if you are in a playground, and the feeling of the world that the artist would like to convey to.

Not only does it work with CDs or downloads purchased songs but also streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube(TM) and Apple Music. AI (artificial intelligence technology) analyzes the type of songs and automatically upscaling the perfect music that you normally listen to on your smartphone with high resolution sound quality.
By purchasing a CD Recorder sold by I O Data Company (sold separately), install the "CD Recovery Pre" in the Google Play(TM) Store, you can conveniently enjoy music without using a computer.

Supports LDAC(TM) wireless Bluetooth (R) music playback with high-resolution sound quality. You can enjoy high-quality sound even wirelessly by combining it with compatible headphones and wireless speakers.

Separate buttons are located on the side of the main unit. Easy and convenient basic operations such as play/pause music, forward/backward, volume control and so on, even while in your bag or in your pocket.

The LCD is a 3.6 type and HD (1280 x 720 dots) touch panel LCD. Smooth operation
Equipped with the S-Master HX, which combines the technology of a full-digital amplifier that Walkman has cultivated for many years. It also features the "DSEE HX(TM)" technology that analyses songs during playback in real time and optimizes high resolution sound quality. You can enjoy Walkman's high sound quality as well as streaming services and all kinds of music in addition to the sound sources that were transmitted to the Walkman.

During playback, the screen turns cassette tape into a screen-saver with no operation on the playback screen for a period of time. The type of cassette tape displayed depending on the file format you play

Not only does it work with common SBC codec, but it also supports AAC and high sound quality codec, Qualcomm(R) aptX (TM) HD codec, LDAC(TM)
Supports Φ4.4mm balance output. The balanced output completely isolates the left and right sound and reduces the crosstalk (left and right signal interference) which adversely affects the stereo sensation, allowing for delicate sound with low distortion and low noise.

Similar to the WM1 series "NW-WM1A", it uses a fully machined aluminum chassis, which combines sound effects and high rigidity. Copper is cut and gold-plated blocks between the main body and the substrate, greatly reducing impedance. Equipped with 4 polymer capacitors (FT CAP2) used by "DMP-Z1" in the power supply of the amplifier for balance output. Increased stretch and transparency of vocals and instruments to achieve a staggering and powerful bass range.

Uses the S-Master HX, a high-performance full digital amplifier that supports high-resolution playback for the WM1 series. Supports DSD native playback (up to 11.2MHz) and WAV playback (up to 384kHz/32bit (float/integer). In addition, when unbalanced connection, it achieves a maximum practical output of 50 mW + 50 mW (16 Ω) of 200 mW + 200 mW (16 Ω) when connected to balance.

The previous version of the product was converted to PWM output, and the "S-Master HX" does not process the DSD signal as much as possible in this time, it achieves a Native Playback that remains in PDM output (only support DSD native playback when balanced)

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