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PocketBook Backcover for Era e-Reader

PocketBook Backcover for Era e-Reader

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Slim elegant design
Protects your pocketbook from dirt and scratches
All connections freely accessible

The stylish PocketBook Shell Cover is made to protect your PocketBook Era.
The e-reader is firmly fixed in a shock-proof hard shell.

The front provides protection for the screen.

In this way, the shell covers reliably protect both the back and the side edges and the
screen of the e-reader. Integrated magnets prevent the protective cover from opening

The PocketBook Shell Covers are made of high-quality, durable and pleasantly
non-slip material.
The protective cover supports the sleep cover function and thus helps to conserve battery
charge. When the protective cover is closed, the device is automatically put into sleep
mode. When you open the cover again, the e-reader is activated immediately.

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