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Onyx Boox

Boox Max Lumi Stylus

Boox Max Lumi Stylus

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  • 【Nib Design】–This nib of stylus pen is designed for protecting your touch screen. Don’t worry about damaging the screen
  • 【Middle Button Design】–Press the middle button, you can note on the pdf file opened by Neo reader format right away without extra operations
  • 【Eraser Function】–The tail of pen is with eraser function and helps to clean the wrong note directly, partial clean or total clean

Did you lose your stylus or want to buy a backup? This is an official WACOM stylus that Onyx has manufactured for the Onyx Boox MAX Lumi. It offers thousands of degrees of pressure sensitivity and a clip to attach to your shirt, jacket or briefcase.

  • The Stylus has an eraser on the top of it, used to cleanup any mistakes 
  • Excellent writing experience, very helpful in reading PDF and other documents
  • Added clip, never get lost
  • 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity
  • Size:5.7in X0.2in
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