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Mitsubishi Hi Uni Digital Stylus with WACOM

Mitsubishi Hi Uni Digital Stylus with WACOM

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Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom Screens is compatible with all of the popular digital note taking devices with E INK. You will be able to use with with all devices from Boyue Likebook, Onyx Boox, Supernote, Remarkable and other products. It is not compatible with the Sony Digital Paper, Quirk Logic Papyr or Fujitsu Quaderno.
This pen is used in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, including professional creators such as film production and commercial design studios, designers and manga artists, and people who like illustration and photo processing for their personal tastes. A luxury product developed in partnership with Wacom, which develops and sells popular LCD tablets and pen tablets, and Mitsubishi Pencil, which has been helping children learn and creating creators since 1950 and is a leader in the world writing instrument market. Digital pen.

It uses the same wood as the staedtler pencil, and it has a hexagonal axis with a soft smell that only applies to wood. In the same manufacturing process as the pencil, the traditional Japanese colors maroon and wine red are combined. A gold ring is placed on the “monochrome” axis, and the Wacom’s digital pen technology is integrated into a shiny and smooth housing like lacquerware that is created by repeated painting. Inspired objects are born. The pen pressure corresponds to a maximum of 4096 levels of pen pressure recognition and, in addition to the ease of holding a pen, offers a natural feeling, a highly precise character taste, lightness and thinness.

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