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Kaite 2S 13.3 Writing Slate with GRID

Kaite 2S 13.3 Writing Slate with GRID

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No eraser! Zero consumables. Writes like writing with a pencil on paper.
Adopts newly developed high contrast sheets.
Magnetic Memo Pad "Clean note Kaite II S(Kaite 2S)

This product is equipped with a new dedicated pen that pursues fine writing.
The orientation of the pen is improved for easier viewing.

[Can be used in a variety of situations]

For home work and businesses: For ideas, meetings, and writing out tasks.
Written discussion: For explanation on receptions and windows.
Household: For communication with messages and scheduled actions.
Education and Learning: For children's study, cram or lessons.
Hospital and Kitchen: It does not leave stains or erasers, so it is easy to use in places with sensitive hygiene.

1. Zero eraser, zero consumables
No ink is used, so there is no erasing mark, clean and clean.
Environmentally friendly and economical as it does not require consumables such as papers, markers, and batteries.

2. The goal is to use paper like a
The newly developed magnetic sheet provides smooth and detailed writing lines for a natural writing experience.
Light gray magnetic sheet that is bright and gentle on the eyes.
・The main unit is only 0.1 inch (3 mm) thin, and the integrated storage design makes it easy to carry around.

3. Dedicated pen for maximum writing performance
Improved shape and width of the nib for improved writing and writing ability.
(Fine Point 0.02 inches (0.5 mm)

4. 2 kinds of erasers to erase the parts you want to erase freely.
A dedicated eraser with a wide range of erasers and a detailed eraser that can be used to suit your needs.
Unique technology allows you to adjust it from the front, so you can sketch and write with a natural feel.

5. Store in a dedicated app for easy viewing
Just write on Kaite and shoot with your smartphone.
The free dedicated app detects the outline of the notebook and automatically corrects the angled images for easy viewing

6. Can be displayed
・There are 2 strap holes, so you can display it if you attach the string to it.
(String not included)

Please refrain from using clean note kite if you use medical devices that are affected by pacemakers.
Dedicated pen and dedicated eraser are built in magnets, so when close to magnetic media such as magnetic cards and floppy disks may damage data.
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