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Hyread Gaze Note CC with Kaleido 3 and English

Hyread Gaze Note CC with Kaleido 3 and English

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The new generation of E Ink Kaleido™ 3 electronic paper screen is adopted, the color saturation is increased by 30%, the color resolution is also increased from 100 ppi to 150 ppi, and the black and white resolution is up to 300 ppi, bringing more vivid display effects, providing illustrations, There are more reading options for graphic books such as picture books.


Adopt E Ink Kaleido] 3 color electronic paper technology,
greatly reduce blue light damage,
color resolution increased to 150 ppi

Built-in light source reading environment is not limited

Comfortable reading in the sun without glare,
and the built-in dual-color temperature reading light can also be used in low light.
Reading is so easy and freehand

Built-in speakers support Bluetooth

Switch between reading and listening to books
as you like

Use colorful Gaze to accompany you to create more colorful time


Cooking recipes


Parent-child reading



HyRead Gaze new interface, more intuitive operation

Rich digital content, easy to own

HyRead ebook e-book store offers popular best-selling books, e-magazines, audiobooks, etc., more than 150,000 rich digital content, and multiple reading modes such as book purchase/rental/subscription, which can be easily owned through Gaze.

Flexible with electromagnetic pen, writing smoothly and freely

The pen is optional and does not need to be charged. It can be used immediately after picking it up. The other end of
the pen is an eraser, which can be corrected at any time
Wacom passive electromagnetic induction handwriting touch technology
can be used at any time without charging, and supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitive handwriting
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Triangular design, comfortable and easy to hold
Passive electromagnetic induction technology, ready to use without charging, supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitive handwriting
Learn more…


Notes, doodles, handbooks, record life at any time

A variety of note templates are built in, and you can also create your own templates.
Provide 2 strokes and multiple colors.
Notebooks can be exported not only to PDF, PNG, but also to Evernote

Due to computer screen color difference, shooting light and other factors, the photos may be slightly different from the real object, and the actual color shall prevail in kind.


Open Android 11
Self-loading APK

HyRead Gaze Note Plus CC

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