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Onyx Boox

Onyx Boox Go 7 Color with Kaleido 3 and free case

Onyx Boox Go 7 Color with Kaleido 3 and free case

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Pleasurable Reading with Kaleido 3

The Kaleido 3 color ePaper display brings your stories to life, immersing you in a visually captivating experience. The soft, mellow colors ensure that you are engaged and entertained throughout. Combined with BOOX’s exclusive refreshing technology, it enhances display quality and reduces ghosting.

Personalize Your Reading Experience

Enhance the display of text and images effortlessly with Neoreader. You can adjust the slider, or enter a value to sharpen images, enrich colors, and more.


Change orientation effortlessly with g-sensor.


More ways to enjoy your reading.

  • Explore apps on the open Android system

    Enjoy the freedom to choose from a range of apps on the Google Play Store. From ebooks to audiobooks and magazines, discover the apps that best suit your needs.

  • Great visibility in various lighting

    Read on and on in different lighting conditions. With the adjustable front lights, you can enjoy uninterrupted reading under dim light or before bed without disrupting sleep.

Soundscapes of Stories

Immerse yourself in intriguing stories with the free Text-to-Speech feature, fitting effortlessly into your busy life as a convenient hands-free reading option.

Carry Your Reads Wherever You Go


Have Your Entire Book Collection on Hand

With ample storage capacity and an expandable microSD card slot, you can conveniently take your complete bookshelf with you all the time.

  • Store thousands of ebooks
  • Expandable storage for additional space
  • Support multiple ebook formats³

Designed for Chic Simplicity

The illustration of the new user interface⁴ is clean yet chic. It elevates the overall style and enhances your user experience, providing both pleasure and ease of use.

*Check and update your Go Color 7 to the latest firmware for an enhanced experience.

It Feels Truly Natural and Relaxing

More than just reading, it’s about living in the present moment and embracing a sense of natural relaxation.

Paperlike Tactile Back,
Comfortable to Hold

The textured back delivers the sensation of paperlike feeling and a secure grip. It adds a touch of sophistication and security to your hold. Perfectly blending practicality and elegance every time you use it.

Nature-inspired Texture,
Breatheable Design

Crafted with biodegradable materials, it maintains a unique texture that is anti-fingerprint. Its aesthetic appeal enhances breathability, allowing you to be more mindful and savor every present moment.

Durability in Style

The premium magnetic cover is crafted with fine PU material. It exudes elegance and sophistication, while providing enhanced protection for your device.

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