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iReader Smart 3 Digital Note - 2022 Edition - Free Stylus - English

iReader Smart 3 Digital Note - 2022 Edition - Free Stylus - English

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10.3-inch glass ink screen, black and white shows no blue light, protects eyesight and soft senses. 227i resolution for clearer reading. The body weight is 380g, and there is no pressure to operate with one hand. The matte material on the back of the body is resistant to dirt and dirt, not easy to scratch, and does not leave fingerprints.
Colors are available in black and white, black is more advanced, the palm-reader iReader Smart 3 multi-function real-control button has been upgraded to two more functional, and the button is larger for higher precision during operation and faster touch response.

The iReader magnetic stylus is comfortable to hold. The magnetic pen is more convenient to store and take out the pen for writing. The magnetic pen head has a fast writing speed and smooth writing, which is comparable to the feel of paper writing.

Smart 3 is equipped with a quad-core armCortes-A53 processor, 2G+64GB storage space, and has a 28-level cool and warm dual soft color light system. Reading hurts the eyes, adjusts the brightness, maintains reading comfort, and avoids eye fatigue when reading for a long time.

During the reading process, the uncommon words that appear can be automatically marked by the "all-seeing eye", and the word explanation can be checked with one click. It is very practical and has a strong sense of detail for us who have been reading for a long time.

The iReader Smart 3 can be used to write with a pen, and the writing stroke can be adjusted - ballpoint pen, fountain pen, brush, and marker with different strokes, and the thickness of the writing line can be adjusted. At the same time, it has gravity sensing, you can choose the device left and right, split screen writing, record while reading, and read and write at the same time. Write notes and record key points during the reading process. The PDF document format can be freely zoomed in full screen, and the key knowledge can be captured and saved with one click, and sent through WeChat, synchronous upload, document file transfer, audio record transfer, picture and link transfer.

iReader Smart 3 is equipped with MIC dual-silicon microphones and dual speakers. The recording and notes are recorded more clearly and accurately. The voice transcription and text are used efficiently. Strong, experience an immersive reading experience.

It comes with a powerful reading bookstore, hundreds of thousands of bookstore books, a powerful resource library, a wide range of reading, and easy access at any time. In terms of reading library, Palm Reading has always been a relatively well-known resource library boss. This is very friendly to users who like to read, and it is also the key to Palm Reading's high praise.

PalmReader iReader Smart 3 is an upgraded product of PalmReader iReader Smart 2. For the old users of PalmReader, it is very useful in file transfer, note taking, office software and office functions in terms of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Great progress. Not only the software upgrade is highly practical, but the hardware upgrade operation speed, writing and transcription sensitivity, response, and no delay are also significantly improved.

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