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Hyread One SC

Hyread One SC

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lightweight and portable

Easy to hold with one hand, easy to carry with you

comfortable reading

Blu-ray-free e-paper screen, easy to read without burden

G-sensor gyroscope

Automatically detect the reading direction to match the rotating screen

Elegant color ink

Light and light tones, enjoy different visual temperatures

Snow white body with Morandi green

Intellectual calm, elegant fashion

Non-slip back cover, no fingerprints

The imitation leather texture and fine hairline texture easily grasp the beauty and practicality.

Gaze One SC

Not only that...

Personalized signature is set to dormancy

With reading habits, excerpt favorite sentences.
Enter message words, set table cards, or personal boards

Carousel photo collection, second variable digital photo frame

Built-in "photo collection" function, put favorite pictures, set dormant carousel, and change the texture of digital photo frame in seconds.
★ There are also hidden easter eggs, waiting for you to discover together!

Electronic calendar, don't forget about environmental protection

The time when you are not reading can also be used as an electronic calendar, eliminating the need to tear the calendar every day, and environmental protection will not be forgotten.

Intuitive operation interface, easy to cultivate reading habits

Please click the small icon to switch the screen directly

Rich digital content to satisfy every reading moment

HyRead ebook electronic bookstore No
need to wait for best-selling books, easy to buy, permanent collection.

More than 150,000 popular books, e-magazines and audiobooks. You can choose from multiple reading modes such as book purchase/rental/subscription.

HyRead Library Platform

Borrow books at home to skip the queue, and never worry about returning them overdue.

Apply for a library card, and you can log in to your account to borrow free books from public libraries, school and corporate libraries, and thousands of libraries around the world.
If you choose the time-counting service of the public library, you can enjoy skipping the queue for borrowing books. There are more than 60,000 good books and 200 popular current magazines in a single library.

Exclusive HyRead reading experience

  • Draw lines, annotations, bookmarks
  • Font enlargement/reduction & contrast adjustment
  • Intimate reminder of reading and rest time
  • PDF automatically adjusts trimming
  • ePub text vertical/horizontal book interchange
  • ePub font/line spacing/spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily
  • ePub built-in 5 fonts
  • Full text search of book content
  • Screen Orientation Portrait/Landscape Conversion
  • E Ink can also listen to audiobooks
  • Personal files can also be imported into HyRead for reading
  • G-sensor, automatic induction steering reading
  • TTS Chinese reading aloud, most suitable for commuting listening to books

The reader has evolved again!

Comfortable reading without blue light
The favorite sentence
is always forever
, environmentally friendly and good life

Record life without power consumption

express myself effortlessly

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