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EPSON Smart Canvas

EPSON Smart Canvas

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 EPSON Has been making consumer electronics for many years. They now have the eInk Smartwatch called the EPSON Smart Canvas. It features an e-ink screen, metal body, and overall high-end construction.


Flowers are always brought in during the season. Flowers sway, butterflies dance. I feelt he change of time in the little things.

To your own special time ...

Everyone's popular Hello Kitty is here on the smart canvas!
We will deliver a time that is bright and makes your heart gentle.


Introducing a commemorative model to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty!
The design of the warm comic pattern and the design of the
first goods "Petit Purse" (purse) that triggered the birth of Kitty !
The exchange band has popular designs from the 80's, 90's, and 2000's.
Your nostalgic memories with Kitty will come back to life.
We will continue to have a wonderful time with Kitty!

© 1976, 2019 SANRIO CO., LTD.APPROVAL NO.S600225
(Note) The built-in content is common to all "Hello Kitty" series.

Enjoy Hello Kitty and time casually in your daily life.
The smart canvas is packed with gimmicks that make you smile when you suddenly turn your eyes to the screen.
The band has a simple design based on white so that you can wear it at any time. Kitty is cute, as if she's looking into her face. The trademark ribbon is also a casual and fashionable point.
Please feel Hello Kitty without forgetting cuteness at any time.

  • There are 4 types of displays that can be changed by button operation. With different designs, you can fully enjoy the world of Hello Kitty.

    Also pay attention to the fun graphics that are displayed only at special events! Kitty full of seasonal feeling is very cute and full of rare feeling. You can get a glimpse of a cat-like side, such as getting into a bag, pumpkin lantern, or socks.
    It's exciting to know when it will be displayed, and it seems that every day will be more fun. Be careful not to miss the unusual Kitty!

One of the charms of smart canvas is the wide variety of bands. You can choose a unique band for the Hello Kitty version, and it's easy to replace. Black on the day you want to be cool, white with a pure and pop atmosphere ...
You can easily replace it in just 10 seconds, so try changing it before you go out in the morning. The design is perfect for the mood of the day, and you should be able to spend your day more enjoyably.

  • The display part of the smart canvas uses electronic paper.
    It has the same high resolution as printing and does not use a backlight, so it is easy to see even in sunlight.
    Energy-saving specifications with a long life of 3 years so that you can enjoy your favorite characters for a long time.
    Even if it includes a band, it has a lightweight design of about 50g and is waterproof for daily life, so it is safe for everyday use.

The concept of smart canvas is time travel.

Time is ticked accurately. However, the feelings of time are not always the same.
For example, when you are enjoying your favorite hobby, your "time" must have a special flow.
The smart canvas has
been developed as an item that allows you to travel back in time to your own world of "time ."
Let's go on your own "time trip" with smart canvas!



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