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Readmoo Pro 2

Readmoo Pro 2

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Sony Japan and Linfiny have just developed a new Digital digital paper note-taking device and have licensed it to Readmoo. This company sells e-readers and e-notes in Taiwan. The new product dropped today and is being marketed as the MooInk Pro 2. This device uses the same shell as the Sony DPT-RP1; however, that is the only thing. The entire screen and internals have been upgraded for 2023. This device is ideal for people who speak and read in Chinese, although it does support an English UI.

The Readmoo Pro 2 features a 13.3 E INK Carta 1250 e-paper display panel. The only e-notes on the market using this advanced screen tech are the second-generation Fujitsu Quaderno A4 A5 and the Onyx Boox Tab X. Carta 1250 has all of the benefits of Carta 1200, such as an increase of performance across the board by 25% and faster pen input, cutting down the latency when putting stylus to screen. The resolution is 1650 x 2200 with 206 PPI, and no front-light or colour temperature system exists.

The colour scheme is black on the front and back plate; the quintessential Sony button on the top will bring down the menu. It is unclear from the pictures if there is an exposed e-paper or if the screen is flush with the bezel and protected by a layer of glass. The screen has WACOM and support for 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity; it has a stylus with an eraser on the top. The capacitive touchscreen display means you can swipe, tap and gesture, to turn pages of an ebook or UI elements.

Underneath the hood is a 1.8 GHz x 4 core processor with 2GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It has WIFI for internet access and Bluetooth 5.0 for an external Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth page turner, or headphones. NFC unlocks the screen, enabling MIFARE (Taiwan Easy Card) and Felica (Hong Kong Octopus, Japan Suica). A
3D Gyro Sensor will automatically rotate the screen from portrait or landscape modes. USB-C is used for charging the device and transferring data. It is powered by a 2000mAh battery with dimensions of 30.3 cm x 22.4 cm x 0.57 cm and weighs 368g.

The Readmoo MooInk Pro 2 uses Android 9 as the operating system, but it is a skinned UI. It does not appear you can side-load in applications. One of the most compelling aspects is the Readmoo bookstore is preloaded, and you can download over one million audiobooks, ebooks, manga and magazines. There is both an ebook reader and an audiobook player app. The ebook reader app supports EPUB, PDF, TXT and DOCX; you can also sideload in own content. The audiobook player will only play audiobooks downloaded from the Readmoo Store.


Large size, better read books/magazines/newspapers, clear words

Efficiency increased by more than 20%
1.8 GHz quad-core, built-in 128 GB
No backlight, considerate to eyes
good for long reading
EMR patented handwriting technology
Create a smooth pen and paper feel
First Twitter!
EMR Compatible Pens
writeable, drawable 4 strokes
read documents, sign contracts
Say goodbye to paper and be more environmentally friendly
Read PDF as you go
Painless file transfer across devices
handwriting input, typing
reading, notes
Weighs only ½ tablet
The thickness of the side is about 2 ten yuan coins
Durable and not easy to break
Flexible Electronic Paper Panel
Horizontal and vertical conversion with one key
Typographic flexibility
Multiple fonts, multiple input methods
Typographic flexibility
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Please go to the following platform to download this APP

mooInk Pro File Transfer-iOSmooInk Pro File Transfer-Android

The mooInk Pro file transfer app is compatible with mobile phones or tablets running Android 6.0 (inclusive) and iOS 11.0 (inclusive).

For detailed operation, please refer to


Japanese descent, transnational cooperation
The mooInk Pro series is jointly developed and developed by Readmoo and Linfiny.
Linfiny is a joint venture between Yuantai Technology and SONY Semiconductor.
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