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iReader Neo Pro 300 PPI e-reader with English

iReader Neo Pro 300 PPI e-reader with English

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he iReader Neo is a 6-inch E INK Reader using Carta HD with a resolution of 300 PPI. It is powered by a 2.0GHz dual-core processor under the hood and offers 32 GB of onboard storage. iReader claims a 15 percent improved page turning speed, 18 percent improved PDF processing speed, and a 15 percent improvement in boot times.

Yet another cool feature of the iReader Neo series of e-readers is the intelligent optimization technology that it comes with. It supports intelligent edge trimming to detect the PDF book content format automatically. It supports PDF rearrangement as well, post which you can set the font, font size, typesetting, and such. Further, you can let AI read the text aloud if you so wish. Other features it supports include contrast enhancement and one-click smart PDF watermark removal. This ensures you have a better PDF reading experience in magazines, comics, or whatever.

Further, what is also nice about the Neo e-reader series is its support for English. For this, the integrated dictionary does an instant translation of the words in the book. Plus, you can enter the language learning mode that will translate the content in real time. Then there is also the option to record your thoughts while reading. This can be done by long-pressing the text to add notes. Similarly, you can extract any portion of the e-book you like and share the same on the social network.

The Neo series of e-readers come in a shade of black and run the Android OS. It features an integrated speaker that supports AI human voice reading and supports the English language as well, apart from Chinese, of course. There are nine voice samples to choose from, with users also having the option to adjust timing and narration speed.  Power comes from a 1,500 mAh battery which should allow for about a month of standby time. The e-readers also have Bluetooth, a Type-C port, and an integrated mic. The e-reader supports 11 customizable bookmarks along with seven file import methods. Those are data cable, network disk, Wi-Fi transmission, cloud, QR code, and WeChat transmission. The Smart Assistant 3.0 onboard can carry out various tasks on your behalf.

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