Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK - English

Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK  - English
Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK  - English
Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK  - English
Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK  - English

Hisense A9 Pro Smatphone with E INK - English

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As one of the earliest manufacturers of ink screen products, Hisense launched its first ink dual-screen reading mobile phone A2 in 2017. After years of exploration and development, Hisense has accumulated a large number of technologies and audiences in the field of ink screens. Recently, Hisense launched a new generation of ink screen reading mobile phone A9 Pro, which also attracted the attention of many reading enthusiasts. So what kind of reading experience does this new reading phone have? What’s special about it?

Hisense A9 Pro specs and features:

  • 6.1-inch ink screen, 300PPI
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 662
  • 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM
  • 4000mAh battery capacity
  • Thickness 7.8mm, weight 183g


01/ Appearance: Thin and light feel, textured body design

Hisense A9 Pro is different from ordinary readers, and its overall design is more consistent with smartphones. It has front and rear cameras, speakers, earpieces, side fingerprint unlocking, etc., which also expands the application scenarios of the ink screen to a certain extent.

Hisense A9

The Hisense A9 has a single-camera lens on the rear, located in the upper left corner. Because it is a single-camera lens configuration and a square body design, the overall look is more refreshing and neat, without the bloated feeling of a matrix multi-camera lens.

Hisense A9

In terms of feel, the Hisense A9 also pursues a thin and light grip. To this end, the backplane of the mobile phone is made of customized microfiber material, which is stronger than glass and lighter in weight than glass, effectively reducing the thickness and weight of the fuselage. The phone is only 7.8mm thick and weighs 183g.

Hisense A9

In addition, in terms of the back shell process, Hisense A9 also uses the rubbing process for the first time, which brings a matte texture, delicate touch, and is not easy to stick to fingerprints.

Hisense A9

02/ Screen: 6.1-inch ink screen, more delicate display

The front of Hisense A9 Pro is equipped with a 6.1″ eye protection ink screen, which is an ink screen exclusively customized by Hisense. The screen frame is narrower, only 3.2mm, which can provide a more immersive reading experience. At the same time, the display of this screen The effect is also very good, with a resolution of 300PPI, the pictures and text are very delicate, and the details are more outstanding.

Hisense A9

It is worth mentioning that, in order to improve the display effect of the screen, Hisense also matched this screen with the latest generation of Carta1200 e-ink film. This makes the display contrast of the Hisense A9 higher than that of the previous generation, and the reading experience is closer to paper books.

Hisense A9

It should be noted that the ink screen is different from the LCD or OLED screen. The ink screen itself does not emit light, and can only display content by reflecting external light, thus reducing the damage of blue light to the eyes. After reading for a long time, there is no obvious irritation to the eyes, which is indeed more eye protection.

However, because of the special characteristics of the screen, the screen refresh speed of most ink screen devices is really not “fast”. This may also require an adaptation process for new users who are new to the ink screen. However, the Hisense A9 PRO is equipped with the self-developed HyperWave ultra-wave type display engine, which is actually a software algorithm related to screen refresh, which is used to optimize the overall display effect of the ink screen.

Based on its refresh acceleration algorithm, Hisense A9 PRO not only reduces the single frame time to less than 90ms, creating the highest level in the ink screen industry. It also provides four display modes of clear, balanced, smooth and extreme speed for different application scenarios. If you read more text, it is recommended to choose clear mode. If you are browsing graphics, it is suitable for balanced mode. If you want to experience the smoothness brought by the high refresh rate, you can directly choose the extreme speed mode.

Hisense A9

If users need to set different modes, they can search for application display modes in the settings menu, and match different display modes for different applications. The next time you enter the app, the system will automatically match the refresh rate without repeating the operation. At the same time, click the “Computer” icon in the lower right corner of the desktop to set it directly.

In addition to the smart refresh rate, the Hisense A9 PRO can also set independent display contrast ratios for different applications. For example, when reading, high contrast is conducive to text display, and the font is clearer in black and white. When browsing web pages, the contrast ratio can be appropriately reduced, and the picture display will be more realistic at this time. Of course, if you feel that there is an afterimage on the screen, you can also double-click the button on the left side of the phone to refresh the screen.

Hisense A9

At the same time, Hisense A9 also upgraded the application bleaching function 2.0. “Bleaching” is actually related to the characteristics of the ink screen itself. For many devices equipped with ink screens, the background color of the screen is gray, which affects the reading effect to a certain extent. After the bleaching function is turned on, the background of the application page will be automatically adjusted to be whiter, and the text will also be automatically blackened. And the bleach function 2.0 is also suitable for more third-party reading applications. In addition to the original 4 APPs on the previous generation Hisense A7, it has also adapted to the latest and most popular 31 reading APPs.

Hisense A9

The higher the color temperature, the warmer the screen looks

Users who are familiar with ink screen devices know that the front light of the screen is also one of the important factors affecting the reading experience. Hisense A9 has also made a new upgrade in this regard. For the first time, it is equipped with a dual-color temperature reading light, and the cold and warm light can be adjusted separately. The front light is more uniform and supports 36-level adjustment, which can adapt to different reading environments and is also conducive to night reading.

03/ Interaction: The system is easier to operate, and the new plug-in functions are simple and efficient

Whether a mobile phone is good or not depends not only on the hardware, but also whether the system is easy to operate is also one of the important considerations. Judging from the hands-on experience in the past few days, I am quite satisfied with the UI interaction design on the Hisense A9 Pro.

Due to the characteristics of the ink screen, the Hisense A9 Pro still has some differences in some interface design and interactive experience compared with conventional mobile phones. If you are new to this product, you may not be used to it.

Long press the desktop and click the plug-in icon to open

But don’t worry, the Hisense A9 is equipped with a new Ink OS system, and the overall interaction logic is still very smooth. It is also very easy to use, and some important functions and common functions support desktop plug-in operations. Functions such as shortcut switch, global search, weather, calendar, clock, etc. can be added to the desktop, and some plug-ins also support various sizes such as 1×2, 2×2, 2×1, 5×5, etc., which is convenient for users to freely combination.

Hisense A9

The negative screen also supports various plug-in settings

It is worth mentioning that we can also arrange these widgets on the negative screen. You don’t need to open the corresponding app when using, just slide and click to open the desired function with one click, which is very efficient and fast.

In terms of function, Hisense A9 also adds a unique focus mode. In the focus mode, all notifications except WeChat, text messages, and phone calls will be blocked, so as not to miss important news, but also help everyone maintain their attention and develop the habit of focused reading.

Hisense A9

Schulte Grid

In terms of entertainment, Hisense A9 also added a Schulte square game, which can help us train our concentration while entertaining. The mini-games are easy to play, but it’s not easy to get good grades. I also played N many times, and only barely reached 23 seconds. Interested friends must try it.

04/ Configuration: The processor memory is newly upgraded, and the configuration experience is more balanced

In terms of configuration, compared with the previous generation, the Hisense A9 processor uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, and the memory supports up to 6GB, which is enough to ensure daily use.

Due to the power-saving properties of the ink screen itself, the battery life of the Hisense A9 is also very amazing. Judging from the use of the past few days, if you just read e-books, when connected to WiFi and the screen brightness is 50%, reading a book for one hour consumes about 10% of the power. The 4000mAh battery capacity can be used for a long time even when fully charged. Of course, when reading normally, with the change of screen brightness, this battery life can be longer, and it is absolutely enough for daily use.

In addition, Hisense A9 also has a good performance in “listening” and “touching”. First of all, the machine is equipped with super-linear speakers, and also supports the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is rare in current mobile phones, which can be used to listen to music or books, and the experience is more immersive.

Secondly, in terms of touch, the Hisense A9 Pro is also equipped with a Z-axis linear motor, and has customized the Sogou input method for the exclusive ink screen. When typing, it can also bring a good tapping experience.

In terms of configuration, the Hisense A9 Pro has made great progress compared with the previous generation. The combination of a stronger processor and larger storage ensures that the phone always maintains a smooth running experience. The addition of super linear speakers and linear motors also enriches the operating experience of the Hisense A9 Pro to a certain extent. Compared with products of the same type, Hisense A9 Pro has better configuration performance.

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