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GVIDO Replacement Stylus

GVIDO Replacement Stylus

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Adjust line thickness and darkness.
Use the white pen for corrections to your notes.
Built-in eraser function. No need for charging; works as it is.
*Made by Wacom.GVIDO MUSIC

The stylus pen was designed exclusively for GVIDO. Developed jointly with Wacom the Stylus Pen allows comments to be added to a score, an important element for musicians.The Stylus Pen is very lightweight and weighs about 8 grams. It can be used when GVIDO is upright on a music stand or flat on a table. the Stylus Pen does not require charging. Just like writing with a pencil on paper, a newly developed eraser function is located on the opposite end of the Stylus Pen tip. The eraser is sensitive and requires only a light trace so that it can be used even when GVIDO is placed upright on a music stand.
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