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GVIDO Foot switch

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Connect either USB cord or Bluetooth cordless.
Step on the pedal to flip pages or call up a set list.

The GVIDO footswitch allows you to turn pages by connecting to your device via wired (USB) or wireless (Bluetooth). You can call the set list with the function switch. The switch part is a foot switch that uses aluminum and considers operability and durability.

Since it can be operated with your feet, you can concentrate on playing without worrying about turning pages even when both hands are blocked or songs with fast playing speed.
Also, since the stroke when stepping on is secured, you do not have to worry about whether you stepped on it reliably.
It is designed with consideration for operability and durability, with a balance and weight that does not easily shift even when stepped on and yet can be carried around.
In addition to easy-to-use wireless connection via Bluetooth, wired connection is possible even in uneasy situations with conventional foot switches, so environments affected by other electronic devices and performances used by multiple people at the same time You can use it with confidence even at meetings.

The function of each switch can be changed with the dedicated software (* 1) of the personal computer, and it is possible to call up the set list and select songs with just the foot switch.

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