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Bigme X6 - 13.3 digital paper with English

Bigme X6 - 13.3 digital paper with English

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The 13.3-inch ink screen is comparable to the size of A4 paper. It has a sufficiently wide field of view for both office work and reading. It can perfectly display different types of documents with complex layouts, while reducing the frequency of frequent page turns.

X6 is Bigme's first 13.3-inch super-smart office notebook, and it is also the "biggest work" of this year's finale, marking Bigme's official entry into the era of big screens, becoming bigger and stronger.

Bigme is the ultimate smart office notebook with eight arrows, and the 13.3-inch ink screen smart office notebook X6 is shocking

Domineering appearance and powerful configuration combination

The X6's 13.3-inch large screen is domineering in appearance, with a shocking visual experience, and the equidistant design from the surrounding outer frame makes the overall look more powerful and self-contained. Top-notch configuration, octa-core 2.3GHZ and 6+128GB super storage combination, equipped with the latest Android 11 open system, support fingerprint recognition, 4 mobile networks and OTG expansion space, built-in dual digital microphones , standard high-efficiency multi-function magnetic suction Smart electromagnetic pen, powerful and ready to come out.


A4 paper size can be grasped more clearly in one screen

Using E-ink's new 13.3-inch V450 high-definition ink screen with a resolution of 2200*1650, the black and white contrast is more significantly improved. Under the same conditions, the background color is whiter, the text is blacker, and the resolution of 207PPI makes the X6 in the 13.3-inch large size. The display on the screen is clearer and more delicate, and the 36-level cold and warm headlights create a better experience for reading and office work.


The 13.3-inch ink screen is comparable to the size of A4 paper, and the field of vision is wide enough for both office work and reading.

Larger space, more comfortable to read and work

The X6 eight-core 2.3GHZ super chip and super large capacity create a more comfortable experience for reading and office work. It is not only faster, but also has a larger capacity. You can install as much as you want, and you can double-open documents and notes on the large screen. Four split-screen modes, including dual-open translation, are more efficient and convenient.


Smart office is more powerful and efficient

As Bigme's first 13.3-inch smart office notebook X6, it is equipped with the most powerful configuration combination and can be called an "invincible" existence. The inherent intelligent office attributes of the B1 series - AI artificial intelligence, voice transcription, role separation, handwriting-to-text, paper-like writing, eye protection reading, full-format handwriting, real-time transcription in 27 national dialects, and more than 20 multinational languages ​​in the world There are many functions such as fast mutual translation, one-key screen projection, WIFI, Bluetooth, cloud reading and writing APP, etc., but the performance has been unprecedentedly enhanced.

Smart Office - Voice to Text

Voice-to-text is to automatically record the meeting process and automatically convert it into text during a meeting, reducing the time and energy for entering the meeting content during a meeting, and avoiding the omission of meeting content. As the main highlight of Bigme's smart office, voice-to-text is even more outstanding in X6. Excellent voice noise reduction technology, dual-microphone voice array, so that the accuracy rate of voice to text is as high as 98%, so you don't have to worry about missing meeting content anymore.


Real-time translation of transnational languages ​​is more accurate and efficient

Voice-to-text supports more than 20 multinational languages ​​such as French, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean, so you can communicate with foreigners without worrying about foreign languages. X6's powerful voice translation function can realize fast real-time translation between more than 20 multinational languages ​​in the world. It can also record and translate at the same time. It is more accurate and efficient in real time, and there is no need to worry about language communication barriers.


Accurate transcription of 27 dialects across the country supports role separation

X6's powerful speech-to-text function also supports real-time accurate transcription of up to 27 dialects across the country. At the same time, it supports role separation and intelligently distinguishes different speakers, which is convenient for finishing after the meeting.


Smart office - handwriting to text

As a supplement to speech-to-text, handwriting-to-text can effectively supplement the shortcomings of speech-to-text. X6 can quickly and automatically convert handwritten content into text, and export files in various formats such as TXT and PDF, which are easy to edit, Inquiry and management.

Cloud storage is more secure, meeting records are not afraid of losing

The X6’s built-in 128GB memory supports uploading files to the cloud. Once important files in the office book are accidentally lost, they can be retrieved in time. There is no need to worry at all, making information security more secure.


Quickly share meeting content, simple operation and more convenient

X6 can quickly share meeting content, and can generate QR code, which is a fast sharing method suitable for everyone. It can also realize fast sharing between Bigme smart office notebooks and smart office notebooks through verification code. The operation is simple. It is more convenient to convey the "meeting spirit" at the first time. X6 supports both 4G mobile network (2GB per month for 2 years) and 2.4/5G WIFI, which makes sharing more efficient and convenient, and can quickly complete sharing anytime, anywhere.


Multiple encryption is more secure and efficient for office work

The powerful encryption function of X6 provides comprehensive and multiple protection for file information. It can not only perform fingerprint identification and encryption on the X6 machine itself, but also support folder encryption and encryption of internal files. Multiple encryption protection ensures that the upgrade is more secure.


Fingerprint recognition exclusive noble 4G traffic will be given every month for two years

X6 uses premium fingerprint recognition technology to escort the privacy of users, providing an exclusive and noble experience, without worrying about the theft of important information files. The X6 also supports 4G mobile network, giving 2GB of data per month for two years, allowing you to quickly open the network even in places without WIFI.


Smart Office--Magnetic Smart Remote Control Pen

It is also equipped with Bigme's exclusive magnetic suction smart remote control pen, which can be freely retracted whether it is handwriting or remote voice remote control. For example, page turning, wake-up from sleep, front light switch and custom button functions can be easily completed through the smart remote pen. At the same time, you can also enter the voice remote control mode with one key, including creating meeting minutes, taking notes, opening APX6P, and taking screenshots. It is very convenient. The smart remote pen can be directly attached to the leather case when not in use.


The global handwriting patent technology perfectly realizes the third-party smooth writing experience

X6 also supports the global handwriting function, which perfectly solves the third-party APP (such as OneNote,Evernote, Youdao Notes, Office, etc.), the problem of writing fluently, really achieves the pen-to-write, fluent and free, extremely follow the hand, just like handwriting on the writing application that comes with BigmFull-format handwritten and complex typesetting documents are easily handled

Full-format handwriting, X6 also supports handwriting in more than a dozen mainstream formats such as PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB2, AZW3, etc. It is easy to take notes and make comments. For professional-level and complex documents with large layout and complex typesetting, X6 easily supports the presentation of original versions in various formats, enjoying the "authentic" reading pleasure and higher efficiencyA large number of high-quality book applications Android11 ​​open system can be installed if you want

The X6 Android 11 customized open system allows users to install a large number of books and third-party applications at will, such as WeChat reading, Jingdong reading, Kindle reading, more reading,palm readingReading and other reading software and third-party applications are not a problem. The large capacity of 6+128GB also supports the extra expansion of OTG to the super-large capacity of 128GB. No longer afraid of running out of space and resources, you can install whatever you want.


in conclusion:

X6 is Bigme's first 13.3-inch large-screen smart office product. The powerful configuration combination allows X6 not only to perfectly inherit all the functions of the B1 series, but also to make a breakthrough in performance, making it faster, stronger and more aggressive! The combination of eight-core 2.3GHZ and 6+128GB super storage, equipped with the latest Android 11 open system, makes the X6 far ahead of many smart office notebooks. This is the X6! With X6 in hand, meet a stronger self!

If you want more choices, lock the Bigme smart office notebook with eight arrows, from 7 inches to 13.3 inches, from quad-core to octa-core, from 2+32GB to 6+128GB, from black and white ink screen to color ink screen, Carve, Carve Color, B1 Max, B1 Lite, B1 Max+, B1 Max+Color, PocketNote, X6 and other eight new products are available. The original text of the Eight Arrows is as follows, please hurry up.

Bigme is the ultimate smart office notebook with eight arrows, and the 13.3-inch ink screen smart office notebook X6 is shocking

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