Hundreds of new templates available for Supernote A5X and A6X

Hundreds of new templates available for Supernote A5X and A6X



Supernote is a brand that is devoted to digital writing tablets that have E INK screens and long battery life. They have the Supernote A5X with a 10.3 inch screen and the A6X with a smaller 7.8.

These devices come with a stylus and have a drawing app. There are many templates to choose from, such as college rules or ones devoted to math, accounting or business. There really isn't many that come preloaded, and many people don't know what to do about it.

There is a new website that curates templates from all over the internet, there are hundreds to choose from and will really add a ton of flexibility and control over what background would be applicable for a specific task.

You have to download the files as a PNG file, but right clicking on the file and saving as to your desktop. Once you have downloaded a few, you have to plugin the Supernote to your PC and open up Windows Explorer to copy the files over. They have to copied to the MYSTYLE directory, just make sure there isn't any special characters in the file name, or it won't work.

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