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Readmoo Mooink Pro 2C - 13.3 E INK Kaleido 3

Readmoo Mooink Pro 2C - 13.3 E INK Kaleido 3

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4 handwriting strokes/6 color modes/8 handwriting colors. The rechargeable stylus provides excellent reading and writing flexibility.

Documents/contracts/papers, large size and clear

Paired with mooInk Pro Connect, file transfer and mirroring are super convenient

The only one equipped with a soft e-paper panel, thin and light, not afraid of falling

You can doodle and read, and the whole family can enjoy the fun parent-child time together.

Newspapers/books/comics, more comfortable without blue light

Specially designed for Traditional Chinese, with the most books and a better experience!

Please go to the following platform to download this App

mooInk Pro Connect App-iOSmooInk Pro Connect App-Android

mooInk Pro Connect App is compatible with mobile phones or tablets running Android 6.0 (inclusive) and above, iOS 13.0 (inclusive) and above

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