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Lenovo Yoga Pad - E-Note

Lenovo Yoga Pad - E-Note

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Lenovo has this week announced the launch of a new Android tablet equipped with anE Ink display in China. The aptly named Lenovo Yoga Paper is features a 10.3 inch display, and is powered by a Rockchip RK3566 processor supported by 4GB of RAM and equipped with 64GB of storage. Other features of the E Ink tablet include touch and stylus support offering 4096 levels of pressure input and of course a paper reading experience says Lenovo.

Lenovo Yoga Paper Android tablet

Brad Linder at Liliputing explains a little more about the new E Ink tablet.

“The Yoga Paper also supports text-to-speech, allowing you to listen to eBooks or other documents instead of reading. And there’s a translation feature that will allow you to see eBooks or documents in their original language on one side of the screen and in the language of your choice on the other.”

“While I can’t find a lot of additional details about tech specs, Lenovo does that that the tablet has a 3,350 mAh battery that’s good for up to 10 weeks of standby time, support for Bluetooth 5.2, and wireless display support, allowing you to share the contents of your screen with a projector or external display.”

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