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Bigme InkNote Color with Kaleido 3

Bigme InkNote Color with Kaleido 3

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Introducing Bigme inkNote Color, the world’s first 10.3” true color E-ink tablet with an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Equipped with E-ink Kaleido 3 screen, inkNote Color offers 300 PPI for B&W and 150 PPI for color content that presents a vivid paper-like and eye-friendly display for reading, writing, and sketching.

  •  True E-ink Color Experience

Bigme inkNote Color E-ink display delivers up to 1872*1404 high resolution at 226 PPI for a sharp and crisp display of black & white content (936*702 for Color). This 10.3 inch screen is capable of displaying comics, magazines, newspapers and books in stunning color.

  •  4 Screen Speed Modes

Four different screen speed modes give increased performance for photos to text, surfing the web or watching videos. inkNote Color presents a sharp and crisp display for any content.

  •  36-level Adjustable Dual Front Light

With the 36-level adjustable dual headlight mode, you can find the most suitable brightness whether it's day or night, friendly to your eyes.

  • Photo-to-text

With an 8MP rear camera, inkNote Color can convert photos into text to create documents, add annotations, and upload to mobile or laptop via app for viewing at any time. With a 5MP front-facing camera, inkNote Color lets you connect with the world face-to-face any time you want. 

  •  Recording-to-Text 

With four integrated noise cancelling microphones, inkNote Color can be used for voice dictation, such as voice to text using the note taking app. The speech recognition is compatible with up to 37 languages with 98% accuracy. You can also use the mics for apps such as WhatsApp, Discord or WeChat.

Bigme inkNote Color is capable of multi-person automatic segmentation and voice recognition translation, reliably recording transcriptions and playing back the recording anytime.

  • Voice Control System 

Configured with an intelligent voice control system, Bigme inkNote Color enables hands-free operation that optimizes your workflow and boosts your productivity while working, studying, or creating content.

With the activation of the smart stylus, inkNote Color can be completely controlled by your voice. Screenshot, power off, new notes, and more can be achieved by using simple voice commands. 

  • 2-on-1 Screen Split Mode

inkNote Color can split the screen and switch it horizontally or vertically to streamline workflow & multitasking and doubles your efficiency when reading, annotating, or working on document translations.

  •  One-touch Screen Casting

inkNote Color supports one-touch screen casting which allows you to control programs remotely during presentations. Control can also be achieved using the stylus.

  • Powered by Android 11

Bigme InkNote Color runs Android 11 and ships with Google Play pre-installed which gives you the ability to download millions of apps for study, work, & entertainment without the need to sideload anything.

The A5 stylus magnetically clips onto the side of the tablet for storage and charging. There are three function buttons on the stylus: two for turning pages forward or back, and a 3rd button that is customizable to perform tasks such as launching an app or mapping it to be an area eraser. Control inkNote Color in just one click for a more convenient workflow.

With 4096 degrees of pressure sensitivity and voice control capability, the A5 stylus is highly accurate and also has a laser light presenter that is perfect for meetings and presentations.

  • Advanced Powerful Octa-Core CPU

Bigme inkNote Color is embedded with an advanced 2.3GHz Octa-core processor that provides instant response and performance whether you are reading, surfing the web, or working.

  • 8MP Rear Camera & 5MP Front Camera

Even on the E-ink screen, the 5mp front-facing camera lets you connect with the world face-to-face any time you want.

  • Fingerprint Encryption

Bigme inkNote Color also includes a powerful fingerprint encryption feature to keep your information safeguarded at all times.

  • Larger Battery

The 4000mAh battery capacity can support up to 26 days of standby time, up to 20 hours of use at one time.

  • Expandable Storage

Underneath the hood, inkNote Color has 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. For even greater storage capacity, an on-board SD card adds an additional 128GB of storage. The tablet is also SIM card capable for 4G internet access.

  •  Dual Stereo Speakers 

When you are tired of reading, inkNote Color can narrate for you. With dual stereo speakers, you can free your hands and just listen to the inkNote Color read for you.

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