Onyx Boox Nova Air to be released this year

Onyx Boox Nova Air to be released this year

Onyx Boox is gearing up to release the Onyx Boox Nova Air sometime this fall. The company has just got FCC Certification, which is often the last step a product needs to be sold in the USA.

Little is known about this device. It will have a 7.8 inch screen and have 300 PPI. It will not have a color display, but only B&W.  It will be thinner and lighter than the Nova 3 and also cheaper. It will have WIFI, Bluetooth and a front-light and color temperature system. There will be two speakers on the bottom of the device and also a USB-C port. It will be running at least Android 10 and have full access to the Google Play Store.

The Nova Air is geared towards e-reading ebooks and making notes, drawing or viewing/editing PDF files.

Fundamentally, the Nova Air will look exactly the same as the Nova 3, there is no two-tone color scheme.

Since this will be released later this year, you can buy the Onyx Boox Nova 3 and Nova 3 Color from our online store.

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