Fujitsu Quaderno A5 and A4 Second Gen Now Available

Fujitsu Quaderno A5 and A4 Second Gen Now Available

The second generation models for the Fujitsu Quaderno A4, which has a large 13.3 inch screen and will handle 8.5/11 PDF files, which are the same size as a piece of paper. The Quaderno A5, which has a 10.3 inch screen screen are both available for purchase on Find e-Reader.  The A4 is currently retailing for $779.99 and the A5 can be yours for $569.99.

These devices are slimmer and weigh less than the originals that came out in 2017. They have more powerful hardware and are using a brand new E INK Carta 1250 e-paper screen. What this brings to the table is lower latency when writing with a stylus and a higher resolution panel.

What one should you buy? Both of them can only read PDF files, and this is what they are designed to do. If your business or office is looking to replace paper and you work with lots of PDF files, I would go with the A4, since you will not have to pinch and zoom to read any part of a document, since it will display it in full size.

If you are a student or self-employed and you want something to jot down notes, sign a few contracts, the A5 might will do. It is also a few hundred dollars cheaper.

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